Facebook Photo Tagging: How to Tag All Friends at once

Posted by Odusanya Tunde on 03:58 PM, 04-Oct-12

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It another wonderful afternoon, Am here again with another trick . In a classical sense it is not a trick, its what you have to knw. Though i also stumbled on this on a friends site.You knw what ,its about facebook. As you all can know that facebook is one even the most fastest growing social network. Do you feel learnin my trick? Then follow my steps.
1. firstly, download thisfacebook App Bcos it will be used an not the website.
2. After download, Log to your account
3. After, Go to ur profile or to your page ,to pick or select the picture you want to tag.
4. Click on "edit tag" ,Continue the next steps yourself. It is simple.
You are only allowed the minimum of 50 tags.
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5 responses to "Facebook Photo Tagging: How to Tag All Friends at once"

Shameem on 07:59 PM, 31-Jul-13


Nam on 08:01 AM, 02-Aug-13


Dangerx Boy on 06:56 PM, 31-Dec-13

Hey! I want to tag all friends at once not one by one..... so plz advice me a better and time saving app thanks.

Dangerx Boy on 06:57 PM, 31-Dec-13

this app is for mobile actually its facebook mobile i want a software or any trick/tip for pc

Admin on 02:37 AM, 01-Jan-14

@dangerx I tink it can as well work on pc....without using any app
Just fire on with U̶̲̥̅̊я firefox or chrome

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